About Me:

In 1995 I moved from my native Cleveland, Ohio to the much warmer Orlando, Florida with my wife Lynette. We began creating our new home here and I started building my freelance design career.

Eventually I worked my way into a position with Walt Disney Imagineering in Orlando as a graphic designer and illustrator where I have worked since 1999. One of the things I like best about my job is that I get to do so many different types of design projects in so many different styles and themes. One day I could be designing a futuristic marquee for Tomorrowland at Magic Kingdom and the next day working on a gallery exhibit design for American Adventure at Epcot.

This variety I get on the job is carried over into my personal work. I like to dabble in several different styles and genres to explore my creativity. My work could range from a fun characature in the spirit of pop art, to an abstract collage inspired by my travels, to a realistic landscape painting - whatever happens to strike me on a given day.

In 2008 my wife and I decided to take a one year sabbaticle from our careers to travel the World. We had an amazing journey that crossed 22 countries, and provided much inspiration for my artwork. With sketchbook and camera always at my side, I kept a visual record of our journeys. Visit the Photography page to view a collection from my travel photo diary, and some of my sketches can be found on the sketchbook page.

Since returning home to Orlando I have been showing my artwork from time to time at various Florida venues and art festivals. Besides working for Disney, I also create original Disney theme paintings that are available for purchase at Disney’s Orlando Resort galleries.